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  • Fully optimize your articles/pages
  • Speed Up wordpress website
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  • Build a professional website
  • Do full on-page seo for your website
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I’m an SEO specialist for over 7+ years, I’ve worked with many clients to improve their results and rankings. I’ve helped local businesses across the globe and have been the “go-to guy” for web design and SEO agencies. I’m the brain behind On Page Assistant and continue to maintain it with a small, dedicated team.

While I have a rich background in off-page SEO, I’ve chosen to exclusively devote my time and resources to studying the ins and outs of on-page SEO for WordPress. This is what I enjoy the most. Why? Because I’m able to make a measurable difference for the clients I serve. I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of websites struggle with proper indexing and ranking because of a frail foundation. This is where I can confidently come in to bring any site a solid SEO foundation.

It’s important to remember that your backend houses all the nuts and bolts of your website. It contains every line of code – along with all your texts, images, and everything in-between. If it’s weak, your foundation will easily crumble.

When was the last time you checked to see if there was a problem on your backend?

It is imperative that the pieces of the whole are in-tact and have flawless integrity. If you haven’t even checked to find out if problems exist, then you’re probably not really serious about building a website that creates online wealth.